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Comprehensive Tactical Shooting Training in Houston, TX

TEXAS LICENSE TO CARRY  (LTC) classes like tactical training and firearm training are regularly scheduled utilizing our contact page to match your availability with class dates. All LTC classes are 4 to 5 hours in total, with mandatory written examination and firearm proficiency testing. Get your Texas License To Carry certification by attending one of our weekly classes, sign up and get started pricing from $69.95

SELF DEFENSIVE HANDGUN classes are established to provide a baseline for those that are concerned about daily carriage and home defense against intruders.  Classroom, live fire drills, and demonstrations provide a, "What to do, and What not to do" in the home and outside of the home when faced with violent threats.  Utilize our contact page to get further details.

TACTICAL HANDGUN provides attendees with tactical skills with handguns, drills and demonstrations focus on speed shooting, moving while shooting, equipment selection, and the psyche of survival. Utilize our contact page to get further details.

Women are encouraged to sign-up for defensive tactical training, women are now armed more than ever before come and join us.

Tactical Shooting, Houston, TX

Specialized Certification

Instructors provide mandatory proficiency firearm testing required for active and retired law enforcement officers to obtain HR-218, Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) certification. Compliance requires the carriage of both agency credentials, and the HR-218, LEOSA Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Certification card. You'll be authorized to carry a concealed firearm throughout the United States. LEOSA certification is valid for (1) year from the date of issue. Call for more details.

Advanced Concealed Carry Class

IDEAL for small to medium handgun carriers; this convenient, one day class provides updated techniques in defensive firearm carriage. Nationally Certified Instructors provide participants with classroom and live fire experience utilizing active targets, move and shoot scenarios. This class has been especially developed for firearm permit/license holders, providing defensive tactics in response to violent flash attacks offering instruction in the use preparedness, application, and skill advancement. Call for more details.

Firearm Familiarization Experience or "FFE"

GREAT OVERVIEW of popular firearms and accessories, participants get to shoot a variety of firearms presented by our experienced firearms instructor staff. This (2) hour FFE class offers, (1) hour classroom and (1) hour live fire experience utilizing a variety of firearms. If you have concerns about what firearm is best for you, this is the class to sign up for while classes are available. You'll have the opportunity to handle and fire; AR-15, Shotgun, Revolvers and pistols with professional instructors to answer questions that you may have. Call us to know the details.

Advanced Pistol

During this (2) hour class, you'll learn advanced defensive firearms tactics, move and shoot, speed shooting utilizing multiple firearms and multiple targets. To participate, you must already have a LTC or gun permit and have experience with firearms. Priced at $80.00 per person. Call for more details.

Contact us to schedule all classes and get your Texas licenses to carry firearms (LTC /CHL) certification.

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